Constecner Barriers for Protected Bike Lanes

Urban Motor Ways, Campuses and Industrial Zones

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At Constecner Technologies, we are dedicated to providing revolutionary safety solutions for bikers and pedestrians in shared motorways. Our state-of-the-art kinetic roller barriers are designed specifically to minimize the damage to perpetrating vehicles and protect the lane users as well.

Introducing the DR - Barrier

Your Ultimate Defense!

Dual-Roller barriers are ideally applied when lane protection is needed against Motorists, fast-moving Light motor vehicles, and heavy vehicles on Highways and Motorways.

DR Product Specs

Experience Unmatched Safety

With the MR - Barrier!

Equipped with advanced Mono-Roller Rollers, the Bike lanes in Universities and Industrial campuses can apply these height Barriers.

Effective in providing safety to Lane users within the internal roads and facilities where the lane users share the road with light traffic or controlled internal traffic.

MR Product Specs

Why Constecner Roller Barriers?

Normal Bike Lane

Our Protected Lane

Why Constecner Roller Barrier Protected Lanes?

Constecner Roller Barriers

The Constecner Roller Barriers provides crash cushion, to the lane users and cyclists, reducing their damage and injuries.

Impact Protection

In the event of any impact by vehicles motorist lane on the barrier, the perpetrating vehicle is stopped from entering the protected lane.

Safe Cycling and Walking

Increased safety by protected bike lanes can motivate more people to take up cycling & walking, thereby saving money, earning health, and protecting the planet from carbon emissions.

Traffic Safety

Protected lanes promote a more organized flow of traffic, reducing congestion, and improving the overall efficiency of the road network.



  • Protected lanes motivate cycling
  • Cycling reduces stress and improves health
  • Cost of health care is minimized
  • Sustainable NET ZERO approach
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When it comes to road safety, Constecner Technologies leads the way. Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that your cycling journey is safer and more enjoyable.
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